Monday, April 30, 2007

A time travelers journal

Abstracts from Bill's journal:

January 10, 2203:

Today I got a look at the prototype for the machine we designed at QuantaTech. A strange thing though; it had a small scratch behind the QAM (quantum alignment matrix). How did the movers manage to do that?

February 2, 2203:

Time to test the machine with a live subject. This test was only on the Time Vector. Time displacement was set to 1 second. That put the subject almost 30 kilometers outside the machine. The QAM however didn't work. The subject had suffered a partial quantum level inversion. Thank god it was just one atom. The resulting anti-matter explosion of a moth (our test subject) could have taken out a small town. This just broke a few windows in a radius of 500 meters.

May 7, 2203:

Investigation of the February 2, 2203 incident showed that the scratch behind the QAM caused some paint debris to fall into the SPD (subatomic particle detector) and misaligned it.

April 30, 2204:

A little more than year after the prototype disaster the new QAM was ready to be tested. This time the live subject was a bee. Time and Spatial displacement worked fine. The QAM also worked this time around. Today was a good day at QuantaTech.

July 25, 2204:

A theoretical physicist on my team has detected an anomaly in the Quantum signature of the area around the Time machine. I think it is related to the strange newspaper dates I noticed yesterday. The normal 18hour day seems to be out of alignment with the outside world. A radius of 3 kilometers seems to be affected. We are ceasing tests so we can investigate further.

August 1, 2204:

An area of 3 kilometers is affected on the quantum level. Inversion has started and there is no way to stop it. Critical mass will be reached in 2 months. The only reason we haven't exploded yet is because the magnetic field of the time machine is holding matter bonds together for now. It's limit however is closing.

August 22, 2204:

John, the physicist who found the anomaly has calculated the damage to our universe by the explosion of this much antimatter. Total destruction is the outcome. I have a plan, but it will be hard. I must destroy the machine before it is put to action. It seems that if we had detected the anomaly the first time this could have been avoided. If I knew when the scratch happened I could stop it from happening, but the security officer who was responsible for the delivery of the machine didn't know. He would have reported it anyhow.

Abstracts from George's journal:

January 9, 2203:

Today I was the security officer responsible for the safety of a strange machine brought to QuantaTech. Thank god for the new weapons. They stopped an intruder while he was trying to sabotage the machine, whatever it was. I just hope they won't notice the scratch his tools made falling when his body was disintegrated. They specifically told me no one should touch it.

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