Thursday, June 10, 2010

Change. Part I

Her "time" was up. The last rays of light where heard in the horizon. Silence would be her companion until the next ripple... where she hoped she would find the solution to the mystery...

But lets start from the beginning.

(her name is not audible in our hearing field) was a famous scientist in her parts of the cosmos. Her race didn't live on a planet. What we call planets, to their scientist was simply a symphony of super-strings. She didn't see them, but she heard them. Her perception, as all of her kind's, exceeded the limits of four dimensional space we call universe.

Having grown up knowing details about the 21 existing dimensions, it was difficult for her to comprehend what her instruments showed. Linear, four dimensional beings, made out of a few notes, some trillion of them, had changed the symphony that came from what they called Terra. Changing her viewing angle she noticed that their evolution was not what someone would expect for such a limited species. Their perception seemed to reach up to the theory of her plain of existence. She had to share it...

Her colleagues watched (or rather sensed with 7 unknown to us senses) the evolution our heroin presented to them. Some where plain speechless, others refused to even consider her conclusion. Two of her colleagues however showed great interest and started studying those creatures with her. They followed their linear evolution backwards until they fell out of their perception limits. Then they followed the opposite path through the 5 known time dimensions and saw that, in each, their evolution was accelerated with a pace never seen before by their kind.

Until now, their species was the only one that survived the ripples. Although they couldn't pass from one to the next immediately, being closed inside by a wall they could move anywhere or anytime (as the linear four dimensional creatures would say) in it and only accepting the end of one ripple could they move to the next.

Towards the end of the current ripple they noticed that the evolution of he linear creatures they now called Terrans, allowed them to pass through the wall of a ripple in any direction, something they themselves couldn't do. How was this possible? If this was really happening then the 22nd dimension that could stop confining them in the study of just one ripple, could be possible. The middle space would be accessible too!

With further study they observed that the Terrans had constructed a mathematical entity around their source of energy. A "sphere" as they themselves called it. Inside this sphere they had constructed a large group of small items (small compared to the observers) that could fit billions of their kind. The energy emanating from those items was the key. They would learn that soon enough, although not without some cost to themselves.

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