Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A different ending...

He had to check his numbers 3 times. The calculations were correct for sure. The smaller sun of the M8 binary star system was going to collapse a few hours before or after the arrival of the Argo exploratory vessel at the limits of that system. He got up and run down the corridor outside his office.

"Two billion years of life and we drop in at the end? What are the chances this could happen?" was asked almost at once by all team members.

"Incalculably small, but it happened. Give me you theories. It is too late to warn them now. They have already passed the range of conventional communications and we don't have enough energy to open a wormhole from this side. What do you think Madeline?"

Madeline, was a theoretical physicist  responsible for FTL communications. Her posture though did not give rise to much hope since the start of the conversation. And indeed her answer wasn't disappointing to the fact, or rather it did just that. Disappoint. "Professor, there is nothing we can do until they initiate contact from their side."

"I must interrupt and note",came William, the expert on matters of time and space, "but lets hope that the collapse happens sooner rather than later. I couldn't begin to fathom what a collapse with a working wormhole..."

There was an error in the professors calculations. Argo, on her way to M8 passed near a dark matter protostar with a mass 12 thousand times greater than that of our sun. Its mass was enough to distort the observation of the space  beyond it by 3 light hours for every parsec.

Argo, having reached M8, opened the wormhole drawing power from the magnetic field of the binary system and awaited for the the installation in orbit around Jupiter to receive the other end.

While Madeline was talking  the wormhole opened up on low Jupiter orbit, outside the controlled space due to the error in time lapse.

As William was finishing his sentence, the collapse of the star had already began and was spewing a volume of matter through the wormhole, capable of destroying our whole solar system.

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